Gobi Desert
Trip for 3 days, 2 nights

Ulaanbaatar — Mandalgobi — Ulaanbaatar Bayanzag — Moltsog sands —
Yol Valley — Ulaanbaatar
We made a huge research in order to find the best offer for the trip in Mongolia.
We offer here the one with local guide, 2 nights, 3 days.

This trip will cost around 230-250$ depending the final number of people. (10-15ppl) and the price covers all the fun.

We still can do +1 day, but the program will be the same, just slower paste.

Dates: 26 - 28 September (starting next day after arrival)
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Trip to Mongolia
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Total Length

1740 км, 3 days and 2 nights

2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners
General destinations

White Stupa, Bayanzag, Moltsog sands, Yol Valley, Dungenee Canyon, Dalanzadgad

A van with tourism certificate for every 6 people
2019 September
Ulaanbaatar — Mandalgobi —
White Stupa
641 км
05:30 — Gathering
06:00 — Departure from the city to Mandalgobi, Dundgobi
11:00 — Arrival in Mandalgobi
14:00 — Arrival in the resort near the White Stupa
14:30 — Lunch
15:30 — Hiking — White Stupa
18:30 — Back to the resort
19:00 — Dinner
20:00 — Rest
day 1

White Stupa — Dalanzadgad — Bayanzag — Moltsog sands
340 км
07:00 — Breakfast
08:30 — Departure to Dalanzadgad
11:30 — Arrival in Dalanzadgad
12:00 — Lunch
13:00 — Dalanzadgad city/town tour
14:00 — Arrival in Moltsog sands
17:00 — Arrival in National Reservation in Bayanzag
18:00 — Dinner
19:00 — Camel ride in Bayanzag during sunset*
22:00 — Rest

*Camel ride is covered by the total price
day 2
750 км
07:00 — Breakfast
09:00 — Hiking and horse riding* around Yol Valley and Dungenee Canyon
12:00 — Lunch in Dalanzadgad, trip back to UB
21:00 — Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, end of the trip

*horse riding is not covered by the total price. Price: 10-15$
day 3
We want to try to arrange accommodation in real yurt (gers) with real families, but it depends on the amount of people who go.
For now, it is tourists gers, you can see photos below.

Day 1
White Stupa
Day 2
Mitsubishi Delica / for 6 people/
Gobi Desert
The trip costs
〰️ 230$ if 15 ppl go includes:

  • Transportation (gas, drivers' pay, meals, and accommodation)
  • Tickets for national reservations
  • Camel ride
  • Resorts, Meals, Guide
The first day of the trip: 2019 September
Travel accommodation: resorts with gers

Advantages of this trip — that we will have our personal guide and cars, so we could stay in some places longer / shorter.

We can do +1 day, but basically the program will be the same, only in a slower paste!
Staring day — 26th of September.
Trip route: Ulaanbaatar — Mandalgobi — Ulaanbaatar Bayanzag —
Moltsog sands — Yol Valley — Ulaanbaatar
Other company we can advise:
1/ https://www.gertoger.org/
Cheap, authentic, but could be problems with no English and complicated logistics, not that comfortable transport

2/ https://www.legendtour.ru/eng/mongolia/tour/tour.shtml
Experienced travel agency, but quite expensive tours (comparable with other agencies)