Nomad Train activities in the cities

In each city we have local Nomad Train team member(s) who will help you to orient at the place and get to know it better!
We have gathered some options of organised activities with them!
They are not professional guides, just passionate locals that would show you around!

Please, take a look and vote for the option that could be interesting for you for us to have an idea of the number of people!

1st stop

We arrive at Kazan on 12th in the morning
and leave on 14th around 3pm
What to do as well:
Temple of all religions
Chack Chack museum
Temple of all religions
This place -

It is called like temple of all religions and it is the place where you could find signs of different religions. Very interesting!

Easiest way to get by taxi

Innopolis - the youngest Russian city, just 40 km from Kazan, population is about 3000 citizens. Innopolis is known for its university, offices for IT workers, futuristic architecture by former chief architect of Singapoure Liu Thai Ker, a lot of empty space and strong wind. We can walk there on our own, visit University, Technopark, etc.
Transportation: Shuttles depart from city center, cost is 100 / 150 rub, depending on paying by card / cash.
Chack Chack museum

Tatarstan is famous for local cousine and chack chack - a pastry made with honey - (pronounced as double Chuck) is a touchstone of it. You can attend a museum visit and learn about tatar history, national wedding traditions, clothes, food or sign in for a master class and try to cook your own chack chack. Both programs are available in English, last for 1 hour and include some tea with chack chack.

Cost: museum - 400 rub, workshop 800 rub (limitation of 6-7 people for the MC).
Should be booked 2-3 days in advance !

2nd stop
We arrive at Novosibirsk on 16th in the morning
and leave on 17th around 11pm

City tour with Nastya
Novosibirsk is the third largest city in Russia. It is known for it's scientific institutes, IT-companies and also cold weather and warm hearts of locals :)

We can have a little walk around the city center: explore constructivist buildings, main parks and monuments. We will see Opera and Ballet Theatre and monument of Lenin, which are symbols of central part of the city. We can also have lunch in some quiet cozy place.

Cost: 300 rub / person
Press if you join

Trip to Academgorodok
Akademgorodok (Academy town) - The legendary scientific center located in the forest 30 km away from the city center. It is known for more than 30 research institutions, IT-center Technopark, graffiti with scientific discoveries and squirrels walking everywhere. It also has some nice places to eat and have a drink.

We suggest to go by local train (it's called elektrichka), cause it's more fun and authentic (there are trains on 8:30 and 10:00, ride is 45 min).

We arrive at the Novosinirsk Reservoir, called Obskoye more (Ob sea). It's the largest artificial lake in Novosibirsk Oblast.

Cost: train + museum + org around 800-1000 rub
Additionally — food and taxi home (600 rub for a cab)

Approximate program :
Walk around
Optional - University
Optional - Techopark
Obskoe more (River that looks like sea)
We arrive at the Novosinirsk Reservoir, called Obskoye more (Ob sea). It's the largest artificial lake in Novosibirsk Oblast.
Walk around Academgorodok
Then we recommend to take a walk and check out scientific graffiti - one of the special traits of Akademgorodok. There are graffiti on different topics like paleogenetics, fox domestication, genome editing etc.
We can go for brunch as well at the student canteen!
Authentic soviet flat that turned into museum
Then we can have a stop by The Akademgorodok museum - cozy and authentic place where old items from the soviet era tell us a story about everyday life of a young scientist in the 60s.
Entry — 500 rub
Novosibirsk State University campus
Or we can go to Technopark to see where the Siberian IT-specialists are working.
Press if you join

3rd stop
We arrive at Krasnoyarsk on 18th at 1pm
and leave on 19th at 1pm

City tour with Dasha
From your hotel which is located on the right side of the city, we can go to Space cafe or take a bus / taxi to city center. Start from Karaulnaya hill. There's a beautiful sightseeing view of Krasnoyarsk historical center and mountains. Then Mira Avenue is the central historical street in Krasnoyarsk. You can find a lot of small cafes, bars, historical buildings and monuments along the way.
In the evening we can have dinner at a local restaurant. Krasnoyarsk is among Russian cities with most restaurants and cafes.
Cost: 300 rub / person
Press if you join

Nature tour with Kirill
This way is perfect when you do not have much time, but you wish to see the taiga. Take a ride on a cable car up the mountain, walk 400 meters using the navigation signs and you'll reach the sightseeing point.
"Bobroviy log" is also an all-season amusement park. In winter there's a skiing
track, skating rink and tubing tracks, you can slide right from the mountain. In summer there's an open air swimming pool and extreme amusements.

Cost: cable car + org - 600 rub / person
Press if you join

Early morning walk
Great opportunity to see the Stolby Nature Reserve in the morning before the train.

Approximate timing
7:00 - 12:00 - walk (getting there by taxi, 20 min ride)
13:00 - departure from hotel for the train

Cost: taxi + entrance fee + org around 600 rub

Press if you join

4th stop
We arrive on 20th in the morning and we will have 1 day in Irkutsk, after we go to the Olkhon Island

City tour Irkutsk
A walking tour is a great opportunity to explore Irkutsk. We are going to have a fun day/evening filled with history,architecture ,local places and interesting facts. We'll explore the most important streets and see some of the city's best sights . We'll also try Siberian cuisine and drinks at a local restaurant and I'll teach you some of the Russian traditions about food and drinks.
Duration: 3 hours

Cost: 3000 rubles for group
Press if you join

Nature trip to Baikal to Listvyanka with Irina
Listvyanka is the nearest city situated on the Baikal lake, it is 1h away from Irkutsk. The landscape is different from what you see at Olkhon, so we advise to explore that area. If you have time you can go on cable car or 15 min ferry will bring you to the old railway.

Cost: taxi / bus + cable car / ferry - around 600 rub
Press if you join